how do you set the printer so that the margins stay set


When you open the Preview window, open settings and customize margins. Hope it helps.

Thank you the problem has now be resolved, after a re-install the margins now stay set and printing is now OK

I’m having this problem and I’ve completely un-installed and re-installed eM client without any effect. The preview window allows me to adjust the margins and print one-off, but the settings are not retained. It affects any connected printer.


can you try this version?…


Thanks for the prompt response. Sadly this version still does not retaim margin settings for me. I uninstalled eM client, made sure c: \users\myuser\Appdata\Roaming\eM client was deleted and reinstalled new version. Even the welcome email doesn’t retain margin settings.

I am having new information about this from users. Print preview of emails is handled by IE (em client uses it’s core) and Ie does not supports preservation of these settings, so unfortunately there is nothing to do at this moment.

I was confused at first because there are two types of windows - those created by em client should preserve settings, those created by IE does not.


Is there a version of Internet Explorer that isn’t affected. My wife doesn’t have the problem althought so far as I can tell we’re both running the same Win7 OS & versions (64 bit SP1)?

Try to force update IE from MS support, but that is as much as I know about this.


Thanks for the pointer to MS Internet Explorer. I don’t use IE, but the installed version is 11.0.9600.16476 which is up to date.

I started IE and checked the print preview margins – nothing unusual there.

I shut it down and ran eM Client - the preview margins were back where they ought to be. I adjusted them and they remained adjusted!! Problem fixed!

I haven’t had any further issues in a couple of weeks.

In short - it looks like an update to IE may have left margin settings in an indeterminate state that got cleared when I ran IE.

Many Thanks once again.


Mike Willoughby

there might’ve been problem in IE - we use IE to handle emails and printing. Anyway main thing is that it has been resolved now.