How do you remove INBOX label from gmail messages moved to folders by rules?

** please read the third message, I figured out the issue and explain it there. **
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Hello, hoping someone can help. I’ve got a couple of issues, and this is the first.

I am moving from Mac back to Windows after many years. I had planned on using Outlook however Outlook 2020 does not have a unified inbox for multiple email accounts. After researching I decided to install eMClient. So far so good, until these two issues.

My work email uses GMail for Business. eMClient imported the IMAP config from Outlook and it seemed like things were going well. I disabled a couple of rules on the Mac side and implemented them in eMClient. Then manually applied them to make sure they were working. They seem to work on Windows.

The problem is it appears the messages are not actually being moved to the folders. They are on the Windows side, but not in a way that my mobile phone notices the move. I suspect it’s the annoying way Google fakes folders using labels and that eMClient is not removing the Inbox label, but I have not proven that yet. Either way, the end result is my Inbox for work on my phone and on the Mac is now cluttered with automated messages that should be put in a special folder. It “looks” like they are on eMClient, but not from what IMAP is returning for other clients. This worked fine with other clients, including the Mac, so it is an issue with how eMClient is moving the messagses.

Any insights or suggestions on how to fix this so that when eMC moves the message they actually get moved?


It appears the problem with moving messages on my Gmail account is related to the labels.

Messages in the Inbox still have the Inbox tag. So the move operation is NOT removing the Inbox tag after “moving” the message to the right place.

Now that I know the problem is a little different I’m going to ask the right question in another thread.

Since I’m a new user it won’t actually let me enter the new topic, so I’ll post it here:

I have a gmail account and am accessing it via imap. This part is working fine.

I have several rules set up to move messages from the Inbox to specific folders, but they do not actually move the messages. They are copying the message. The rules clearly say to move the message.

Looking at the messages that are not moved, you can see the gmail labels for the desired folder AND Inbox both associated on the message.

Now the question: How do you get the Inbox label to be removed from these messages when they are moved to folders?