how do you *only* include specific email text when choosing Reply, rather than the entire email?

Caution, First World Problem ahead. I’m used to offline email clients (Eudora, TheBat) which provide easy ways to select specific text or embedded graphics in a received email to be included when picking the Reply command. I bet eM has this too, I just haven’t found it in the Help or menus. As it is, I pick Reply and the entire received email gets copied into the reply. Then I have to select what I want to delete before Sending.

p.s. right here on this topic starter page, it wants me to select a “Related Product” but eM Client v6 isn’t a choice…

can’t follow what i mean? say I just want to Reply to this one sentence in the email I got?

Hi, unfortunately this is not possible.


I agree this would be a very desirable improvement. I have seen other mail and newsreader programs that provide this, and it is very convenient. In the implementations I have seen, you just highlight the text of interest prior to clicking on Reply. Works great.

thanks for paying attention

“I bet eM has this too,” I’m very surprised it doesn’t. I can only guess so much energy has gone into coding the other things like Calendar and Tasks that something as basic as this was passed over. I bet an hour of reverse engineering on a client that does this well (I suggest Eudora 7.1) would result in a worthy patch for the next version. Or, does eM have plug-ins?

eM Client does NOT support plug-ins.

I’d like to see this feature as well. We all do this - it’s a natural part of online communication - and in eM Client we spend more energy doing it manually (a tedious process) than with other clients.

I just did a search -… - and it turns out this can not only be done in most offline clients but directly in web Gmail itself. I’d still prefer doing it in eM. You MAY need to do this (I did):

Reply Quoting Only Highlighted Text in Gmail

To quote only what you have highlighted in the original message when replying in Gmail (instead of the entire email):

Click Settings in Gmail.
Go to the Labs category.
Make sure Enabled is selected for Quote selected text.
Click Save Changes.…

This is great workaround, thanks for posting.


John or Jan, indeed, a workaround, hopefully one not needed in future versions of eM.

Good workaround for people who use Gmail, which is not everybody.

A “great workaround”? I don’t think so. Completely impractical to go to the trouble of logging in to the webmail just to use this feature.

Well, because this is not planned to be implemented into eM Client then it is great workaround.

We simply can’t include every single function into our product, it could become unusable like Thunderbird or Outlook.
Way too much features and functions make orientation and use of email client worse and hard.


It’s only hard if it makes a simple thing more complicated. In this case, one could completely ignore this feature if it were implemented - never even think about it. It would not make the application any more complicated or difficult to use. But for those who need and want it, it would make the application more convenient. It’s fair and honest for you to say that something is difficult to implement, and you’d rather not devote resources to it. But I don’t recommend trying to justify it with some sort of philosophical perspective. The argument goes nowhere. Trying to be constructive, of course. Your reply after the first sentence adds nothing, particularly when you refer to, like, the 2nd most popular email client out there as “unusable”. No, the verdict is clear, this feature would make the application better, not harder. But if you can’t do it, you can’t do it. We’ll deal.

Jan, I agree with your comment about keeping the user interface clean and uncomplicated. I have seen a number of feature suggestions on this forum that I think would not be useful to me, and also would make the overall user interface more complicated unless the new features can be disabled by a configuration option. So, I encourage your team to continue to consider the overall usability as you improve the product.

However, as David said, this feature suggestion would be completely transparent to the user, i.e. if unaware of it, would never notice.

I understand your point, but we really can’t implement every single function into eM Client.


>can’t implement every single function

So, I take it the coders are busy implementing other new functions or cleaning up existing ones?

Our programmers are busy doing their job.