How do you move local calendar events to gmail account so they sync with google?

Howdy do you get local calendar events to sync with google calendar?

Do you have the google calendar shown in your calendar? If so, you can move an event to it by opening the event for editing and changing the calendar on the General tab.


you can drag and drop event from local calendar into your google calendar folder in left side bar.


I assumed the local calendar and gogle calendar would sync together …not 2 separate calenders. I have been using outlook and whatever events I entered in outlook would automatically show up on my google and vice versa. Is this possible with EM Client? That way I could arrange my day on my PC and my android phone would notify me.

Hi Tony yes this is possible, what Sharon was thinking is a Local Calendar on your computer. While using eM Client with Gmail in the Calendar view you should see your gmail account, and if you have local folders enabled in settings you should also see local folders listed in the list of accounts.

If you use the calendar under local folders, that calendar won’t be synchronized, but if you use the one listed under your gmail account, that will be automatically synchronized with the server and you should see the contents on any device you setup this calendar on.

Hope this helps,