How do I write a rule for this

How do I write a rule to process this and move it to RexxLA folder.

I have this rule setup but it doesn’t work:

2020-12-13 12_42_55-eM Client

As soon as I posted this I figured it out. Changed to use [RexxLA] in the Subject and that works.

Because this is actually coming from your Rule will not work.

For mailing lists it is better to use the sent to people option, so:

Thought about that but it wouldn’t allow me to differentiate enough to know what folder to file it in. Keying off a word in the subject [RexxLA] works.

Thanks for the suggestion though.

That you specify by clicking on the underlined folder in my screenshot, and selecting a folder.

But as long as messages sent to the list are always prefixed by [RexxLA] then that is just as good.

Sorry but I don’t see how that would work. All E-mails are “sent to my E-mail address” so how is keying off that going to allow me to know a specific E-mail came from the RexxLA group?

No, look at your screenshot. The message is sent to Because you are a member of that list, their server will send you a copy of that, but it is not addressed to you.

So if you want a foolproof way to move messages from that list to a folder, you use the sent to people option as in my screenshot.