How do I view my archived messages?

In the 7 Beta, I no longer see a mail folder for my archived e-mails. How do I access those archived e-mails?


The archive folder should be just below your last account on the bottom or below local folders (if you have them enabled.)


I have the same problem; my archived folders do not appear in my Mail menu, and I am now wishing I could undo the archiving.

I worked with support on this (they rock!) and it turns out there was a bug in the 7 beta version I had used that caused it not to import the archived e-mail messages. I was able to recover everything though because the v6 mail files are not deleted as part of the upgrade process. I backed up my v7 directory, deleted my v7 mail store database, installed the new beta version and when it first started up, had it import from my v6 database. It properly brought in my archives this time and everything is working fine for me now.

Important note - if you have any messages that have been archived in v7, you need to turn off archiving and move them back to your mail server (drag them from the archive folder to your main e-mail folder) BEFORE you delete your mail storage or they will be lost. This was the case for me but I just moved all the messages from each of the archive folders back to the appropriate mail store folder.

Thanks for writing. I’m afraid that I can’t find the Archive folder anywhere.
I downloaded eM 7.0.2489.1 a few days ago and imported my mail from the old version. That went fine. I keep the bulk of my email in Local Folders.
Then I decided to try turning on the AutoArchive feature. I didn’t realize that it would clean out even the Local Folders. Now I do not know how to access the Archive. This option does not appear in my Mail menu.
How can I access the Archive, or better yet, undo the archiving and put everything back where it was?

When I upgraded to the 7 beta, it did not bring my local archives over during the v6 import process. I did not actually notice it for a little while and then it dawned on me that I did not see an Archive folder in my mail listing and had no way to get to it to even determine that the archives had not been imported. It was only when I had been using v7 long enough that the auto-archive kicked in that the archive folder showed up in the listing and I was able to see that all my data was missing. I went through support and they had me download v7.025082.0 and start the process over and that version did correctly bring over my archives. It may be that the version you downloaded still has the bug in it. I would suggest contacting support and seeing what they can do for you. I do not use local folder for anything except my archives so I cannot answer that part of your question but since the data is stored in a single database, I think it is unlikely that the archive process would remove data from your local folders. I think it is more likely that they did not get imported correctly but that is just a hunch on my part.

Where can i download the newest Version of EM 7 ?

I received a link directly from support with what I believe was an alpha build and not a generally released beta build. If you are experiencing the same problem, I would contact support and see what they can do for you. Otherwise watch the regular page for updates to the build (…#)

The link I have, there are unfortunately only a little “outdated” version. The latest is now but the version 7.0.25082.0 Seeking a download link in which the latest releases are stored.