How do I use the Junk e-mail folder

There is a junk e-mail folder but no instructions on who to get “junk” e-mails to go there that I can find.

If you have selected an e-mail, you can press the [move to junk] button in the toolbar.

Hi, what email account service do you use? Usually different email service providers uses different settings for Trash and Junk folders.


I use emclient

I marked the prayer line e-mail as junk. I want to get it out of Junk e-mail and stop it form going there.

While it is in your Junk folder, select the option on your toolbar to Move to Inbox. You should get a drop down that allows you to remove the email or the domain from the blacklist.

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along these lines, why does emails that i use to send and receive, still go into the junk E-mail folder.

if i send to an email address, should it not go into my white email list.??

Messages you send should not be going to the Junk E-mail folder. Check that you have not setup any Rules to do that as by default ALL sent messages are stored in the Sent folder.

When using IMAP or Exchange, messages you receive that are in the Junk E-mail folder have usually been moved by the server before they are downloaded to eM Client. In that case you will need to look at your email provider’s web interface to change any spam settings.