How do I transfer local folders from Thunderbird on my old computer.

I would like to export local folders from my laptop to my new desktop. Laptop is Thunderbird, desktop is em Client. Suggestions?


What about just importing the Thunderbird data into eM Client?

  1. Install Thunderbird on your new computer.

  2. close Thunderbird on your new computer

  3. copy the contents of your previous Thunderbird data directory on your laptop to the data directory of Thunderbird on your new desktop

  4. start Thunderbird on your new computer

  5. disable all e-mail accounts in Thunderbird, so it doesn’t download new e-mails

  6. check if Thunderbird on your desktop indeed shows all data from your old laptop

  7. close Thunderbird

  8. start eM Client

  9. import the data from Thunderbird in eM Client (File --> Import…)

  10. enable the e-mail accounts in eM Client, so new e-mail will be downloaded in eM Client.

I hope I didn’t forget any step :slight_smile:

This is actually very good idea.

Also you can move your local folders into your online account folder in Thunderbird, let them synchronize with server and then set same account in eM Client and after it will synchronize inside eM Client just move your folders/files to local folders.


Sorry for getting back to you so late, I just checked this mail account. Your procedure worked like a charm. Appreciate your time and consideration. Worked great. Thanks again.


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Hi, i tried importing my folders from Thunderbird, and though it took quite a while, I don’t think it worked. I cannot find them on the left column. Nor my drafts and template folders. Where are they?

Hi Eugenia, can you please be a bit more specific, what version of eM Client are you currently using on your computer, can you please check the exact release number in Help > About?

What mail service are you using with eM Client and what options have you followed while importing the data from Thunderbird, are you using local folders separately in eM Client?

You should be able to select which folders will be imported, but if you were able to select to import “accounts from Thunderbird” this would only import your account settings without any data to the account.


I just recently downloaded eM Client for my office. I am moving from Thunderbird and want something more stable.
I currently have local folders sent up on the network server so all users have access to them.
I imported Thunderbird to eM Client  and was able to access all the folders but see that nothing new from my counterparts are viewable on my workstation.
I did see that there is a “database” folder in the settings and is pointing as a folder on my specific workstation. Is there a way to change this to a centralized location without losing any emails?