How do I to change ics imported dates colour?

I have imported a Jewish Calendar into eM Client, but the imported colour of each date is light grey. I’d like to change the colour…I cannot see anyway to do this. (In Outlook I can do it easily)

Please can anyone help me with this (minor) issue? Thanks

If you have the Jewish calendar as a separate calendar, right-click on the calendar and choose Calendar Color.

If the events are combined within another calendar, you will need to set a category for each event. Then depending on how you want to view the events color, you can change the setting in Menu > Tools > Settings > Calendar > Calendar View > Source of Event’s color in multicalendar mode. The three options are self explanatory, but if you need more help, just ask.

Thanks Gary. I tried ‘If you have the Jewish calendar as a separate calendar, right-click on the calendar and choose Calendar Color’, but all it changes it the title of the calendar, not each date (which is still grey)

I do want to merge the calendars (by selecting both) and have just the colours of the Jewish dates in a colour other than grey, but by using the send option you gave me, although it changes the Jewish dates, the other reminders I have set all change to blue!! (Not really what I wanted it it do)

The events may already have a category, that is why they are displayed in a different color to the calendar. Open one, remove the category and see what happens.

They default to blue.

Maybe if you could tell me if it’s possible to change ALL the Jewish dates I have on the calendar. They are defaulted as ‘Holiday’ in grey, although holidays as an ‘event’ is categorized as Orange. Can I change the grey holiday calendar date colour without affecting the Event colours??

You can select multiple events, then right-click and choose Category > None.

Holiday may be an imported category, and not the category used in eM Client. You could try changing the category to another and see what happens.

I did Gary, but I cannot select ALL the dates only individual ones!

If the events are still in a separate calendar, untick all the other calendars, then change the view to Agenda. That way is easier to select multiple events over many months. If only that calendar’s events are displayed, you can just use Ctrl+A.

If you have multiple calendar’s events displayed, or they are are in a combined calendar, you can use Ctrl+click to select just the ones you want.

After playing around for an hour, now done. Many thanks Gary for your help. I guess moving from Outlook to a new email client takes a bit of learning.

Maybe a bit of un-learning. :wink: