How do i take all my mails to Microsoft outlook 2010 from eM client

I have problems receiving some mails into my eM client. I have re - directed them to gmail where i receive all mails, but for some reason some mails don’t reach my eM mailbox but reach my gmail ID. I am planning to shift back to outlook, please tell me how can i export all mails to outlook 2010.

Drag the mail folder/inbox to Windows Explorer. The mail would be converted to .eml file, which would be accessible to Outlook.

Once you have converted the emails from eM Client to EML files then you can use EML to PST converter from to convert eml messages to Outlook pst file.

It only tranfers 10 records, then if you have more, you have to pay.

To export your mails from eM Client, simply Go to the export option from File Menu and choose the Export file option

Then simply use the EML to PST migration solution to convert you exported .eml mails in Outlook area.

Good luck guys…hope it helps you

yes, this is way how to do it :slight_smile:


If you are wanting to move your emails to Outlook, there is a much easier way that doesn’t require exporting / importing nor third-party software.  First, if your emails are on your email server, there’s nothing you need to do if your email is on IMAP or Exchange as emails will automatically show up. I can have both EM and Outlook open at the same time and see all my emails and folders…well, those that are on the server.  If in EM you have a Local Folder, these are on your Local hard drive so Outlook can’t “see” them.

However, for me, I have years of emails saved that in EmClient that I’ve saved in a “Local Folder” (i.e. on my hard drive).  I’m am switching back to Outlook and needed all of the Local Folder emails in an Outlook PST file.  

So first I created a PST folder in Outlook.  I then created a new folder in EmClient called “Export”. This folder was created on my email server folder (not a local folder). [This is important: if you create the Export folder on your Local Folders, this will NOT work.)

I then drug all my emails in my EM’s Local Folder to this new Export folder in EM.  This moves the emails off your hard drive (Local Folder) and back on the the email server…where Outlook can now see them.  If you switch over to Outlook, you will see the new Export folder with all your emails in it.  Now drag these files out of our Export folder in Outlook to your new PST file.  

Keep in mind your email server may have a size limit, so you may only want to move sections of your emails from your local folder to the Export folder so as to not exceed your mailbox size.