How do I sync with another email application? Help please!

Hi all!
I’ve just started suing eM client and am pretty happy with it… except I can’t seem to get the settings right so I don’t have to repeat myself - between my desktop computer at work and my laptop I take home I would the emails to sync (which have been read, which folder they were filed to etc). Currently I work several days at home and then come into the office to find all the emails from the past few days sitting in the inbox unread (because they haven’t synced) Help please!

You need to ensure you are using IMAP (or Exchange) on all computers. If one of them is using POP3, it may download and delete the emails from the server before any of the others get to them, or not be updated of the read status of the Inbox.

You can check what you have by going to Menu > Tools > Accounts. Clicking on your account should display tabs to the right.

POP3 looks like this:


and IMAP looks like this:


If one or more are using POP3, you will need to add another account as IMAP, them move the POP3 messages to that folder, and finally delete the POP3 account.