How do I sync new events added to my eM Client calendar with my iPhone 6?

I’ve started adding calendar events to my eM Client calendar but they are not appearing on my iPhone 6. (My mail syncs fine.) In iTunes the only calendar sync option offered is Outlook, which I have stopped using. I’ve had terrible luck with iCloud in the past so I do not use it (unselected in phone settings). How do I sync my eM Client calendar with my iPhone? Thank you.

Hi Tania,
what online Calendar do you have active then? If you only use the Local folders calendar, you cannot synchronize it with your phone, since it is not connected to any server.


Thanks for your reply, Olivia.  I have never used an online calendar.  Before purchasing eM Client I was using Outlook’s calendar.  In iTunes I could select Outlook from a drop down box to sync from to my iPhone.  Since I really don’t want to start using Outlook again, can you recommend a calendar and send me a link with instructions?  Are there any plans to have eMail Client added as a sync option in iTunes???

I am having the same issue as Tania P.  I switched to eM Client this week, and am disappointed to see that there was never a reply to Tania’s questions.  It would be wonderful to be able to sync my eM Client calendar to my iPhone/iPad.  Or, if that is still not possible, get a recommendation for a calendar that could be used on both PC and iPhone/iPad.  Thanks much.

To sync between eM Client and your phone, you need to have an online calendar that both can access. Examples that work with eM Client are Google, Yahoo!, iCloud, Fruux, or any service that offers the CalDAV service.

Which email provider are you using in eM Client and on your phone?

Gary, thanks for replying!  I have accounts with att and gmail.  AT&T is my ISP.

Well GMail is going to be the easiest because eM Client is tuned to that service.

When you setup your GMail account in eM Client, if you used the automatic setup option, you will also have been connected to your Google calendar.

When creating a new event in eM Client calendar, make sure to select the Google calendar before you save the event.

Those events are now on eM Client, and will appear in your Google Calendar.

Now on your iPhone you can sync Google Calendar with iOS Calendar. Lifewire recently had a useful article on how to do that.

OK, I see how to create events in different calendars, but that link to lifewire gets 404 Page Not Found.

Never mind, I tried it again and the link worked.  Let me read the article.

I think I got it working.  Thanks for the help!

Good!! eM Client is the easy part of that setup. iPhone involves a few more clicks. :slight_smile:

What about syncing Tasks as well as Calendar to iPhone?

You iCalendar should include tasks. Just make sure when you save the task in eM Client, that you choose the iCalendar account.

The iCalendar account is not in the drop-down option list.  I have tried typing iCalendar into the list to no avail.  Many thanks for your help so far.

How did you setup your iCloud account in eM Client? Did you use the Automatic Setup?

When I look at an iCloud account setup that way, it uses CalDAV for the calendar connection, and that includes the Tasks.

Now we could be getting to the bottom of it.  I paid a “professional” to set up this laptop with the usual Word, Excel etc. and he also added eM Client at no extra charge.  However, I cannot find any reference to iCloud in eM and it does not appear in “Accounts”.  I had been wondering how to back-up to iCloud and if you can help me with that one we may kill two birds with one stone.  Thanks again, in advance.

If you go to Menu > Tools > Accounts, then add a new account by clicking on the + icon.

Enter your iCloud email address and click Start Now. That will setup the iCloud Mail, Calendar, Contacts and Tasks.

My iCloud email address is the same as my regular email address - should it be different?

I believe you need to use your Apple ID. The eM Client website gives instructions on how to setup an iCloud account at  See if that is of any help.

Thanks, I’ll give it a try.