How do I stop .pw spam?

Anyone know how I make a rule to move incoming spam with address that ends in “.pw” to junk. The rest of the address string changes except for the .pw.

I am sorry but this is not possible. You can try to create a rule moving all the messages with the word “pw” in header to Junk mail - that is the only way how to do that at the moment.


My name is prabhat and I manage the abuse desk at .pw registry. I would like to see few sample spam messages along with the headers, so that I can dig into the root cause of the spam and put an end to it on immediate basis.

Also, you can report such spam complaints to our abuse desk (available 24*7) by sending an email to and a cc to

Awaiting for your reply folks.

I have solved the problem by having my hosting server block ALL .pw emails. I am convinced that the .pw registry knows exactly what’s going on. They have permitted cyber-squatting and a host of other issues are connected to them. Legitimate companies don’t need a .pw…only those who have evil intent.

I completely understand the problem here but abusing the entire TLD for a chunk of abusers would not be the ideal solution. We are constantly fighting towards keeping the .pw name space clean by taking down domains.

I need people to report spam instances to our abuse desk and give us a chance to fightback.

I am new to eM and this is a great product, but you need to add blocking of top level domains, specifically .pw. This is the new SPAM heaven. Almost all of my email spam comes from this domain and NOTHING legitimate.

You try it, George, before suggesting. It won’t take the word ‘pw’ in the rules. That was my first thought, too, before I wrote and asked for help. Did you see the latest comment. And the rep for .pw who says to send them to their abuse email. I don’t have time when I’m getting 8-10 a day…and often more. That’s why ALL .pw mail is now blocked at my hosting server. I’m just hoping I don’t end up with a legitimate customer inquiry from .pw, but I really doubt they have any legitimate customers having been spammed to death from their domain.

I just went into the blacklist and it let me enter .pw, I don’t know if that will work or not, but it took it. I will report back. It won’t be long before another batch of spam from .pw arrives!

I went to Tools->Rules, selected the “Blacklist”, clicked Modify Rule… and added the .pw top level domain. As stated earlier it took a whole 38 minutes before another batch of spam from this domain. And IT DOES NOT BLOCK IT. This is a fairly serious shortcoming, but other than that the program rocks.

One last post on this subject and I will be quiet and let you guys allow a top level domain to be blocked. Just read this and the thousands of other articles about the .pw Top Level Domain.


I will forward your request to our developers so hopefully they will implement it soon.