how do I stop E-mail Client from deleting my e-mails off my server when I junk or move to local folder

e-mails deleted from server

Hi Steven, eM client does not delete items from your server, If you’re using an IMAP account for synchronizing your items with the server, all your changes are reflected to the server, e.g. if you move or delete an item in eM Client it will be reflected to the server.

If items are being automatically deleted from your Junk folder, this may point out to a server setup, check your mail server preferences online if the server isn’t setup to remove items from the Junk folder after a pre-setup period of time.

This option however is not available in eM Client.


 So , If I remove an e-mail from 1 computer it will be removed from server and I can’t change that.  My problem is I can’t delete my wife’s emails from my computer or she looses them from server.
Thanks, Steve

Hi Steven, yes, IMAP keeps the items synchronized with the server, if you’re using for example gmail you may be able to archive the message using the “Archive” button in inbox which would move the message into the all mail folder, this folder is only synchronized when you click on the folder.

Or you can setup your account as pop3 and download all incoming messages from your computer and setup the mail server to keep a copy on the server.

Hope this helps,

I was able to follow other threads for changing to a pop3 account and it seams to be working fine now .
Thank You

Hi again Steven, glad it works, please make sure to let us know if you come across any other issues or questions about the application, we’ll be happy to help.

Thank you,