How do I specify which IMAP folders to sync?

I have over 50 folders and would like to only sync certain folders until I bring them up.
Basically, I don’t want to keep sync’ing “archived” folders, unless I explicitly want to go and look something up there.
OTOH, I don’t want to hide the folder, since I don’t remember them all and some are just sub-folders and don’t take up screen real-estate.

Let me know if you have a solution please.

Thank you for your time,


Hi, you can’t specify which folder to synchronize for global synchronization. But you can click on small gray arrow near “Send and Receive” and select which account you want to synchronize only and also if you want to send or receive.


I’m a little surprised - all clients I’ve used have that option.
I have 75 folders for my 1.5 gig of email - separating all my projects.
I sync my inbox every 10 minutes.
But it takes 3-5 minutes to just “decide” whether all the folders need downloading!
Even just an option to not check subfolders would help - as all my folders are subfolders of the inbox. Only the inbox is the one that actually gets new mail.

Thank you for entertaining this option, EJ

Hi Ephrayim,

Do you make subfolders under your ‘inbox’ folder?

I wouldn’t do that.

I also have specific folders for each of my projects, but those folders are under ‘Local Folders \ Projects \ Unfinished’.

(maybe I should call it ‘active’ instead of ‘unfinished’).

Will such an organization make it easier for you? I never think about which folders need to be synchronized…

Unfortunately we do not plan to implement option for this in close future.


Unfortunately putting it in local folders means I can’t access it from other computers.
And Outlook/Express doesn’t allow new folders at the same level as the inbox.

Thanx anyway - good luck with your product.

Thank you for giving eM client a try.