how do I shut off the operations window in my EM Client? it pop's up and won't go away until i click on the hide button, this is obnoxious

If pop-ups are just a nuisance and the program is otherwise working, you can go to menu/tools/settings/general and un-check “Show window when an error occurs”

So I did this and a few other adjustments, nothing happened, still having the same issue this new update is making this much harder then it needs to be.

You are still getting the operations window pop-ups after my suggestion? Never heard of this. You might want to post more details like type of account (e.g., gmail. outlook) and a screen shot of the errors. The eM Client folks will have more information to help you with your issue.

Yes and then no. I had been through the steps several times to make sure it wasn’t checked, still having the same issue, tried closing down eM client and reopening, Still the same thing, even restarted my computer still same thing, then the screen did something i seen a flash out of the corner of my eye, i was working on the other screen, and now no more problem from the operations screen. I don’t know what happened, and sorry couldn’t share to help someone else out.