How do I show more messages in the inbox view?

How to show more messages (vertically) in inbox view

Do you mean more lines per screen? 

Here is the issue: We have two computers with eM as the email app. On the desktop, the messages are twice a close together as on the laptop. My assistant wants them to be the same (not terribly tech-savvy). I told her I would try to find an answer. The page you show is set up exactly the same on both machines. I tried doing a comparison from one to the other and can’t find the setting that is causing this. It’s not a life-altering problem, but I like to keep employees as happy as possible.

Sounds like it is in touch screen mode which uses double spacing.

Clicking on the icon will change that back to standard spacing.

You are 100% correct! I run a construction business and she will be very pleased. I will be pleased because I can get back to my job. Can’t thank you enough!!!