How do I setup AOL Instant Messenger as my chat client?

How do I setup AOL Instant Messenger as my chat client?

I understand AIM now used the XMPP/Jabber setup in eM Client; however, after putting my account credentials in for my AIM account, it doesn’t connect.

In January 2008, AOL introduced experimental Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP) support for AIM, allowing AIM users to communicate using the standardized, open-source XMPP. However, in March 2008, this service was discontinued.As of May 2011, AOL offers limited XMPP support.

So on the website, under Instant Messaging on the Features page ( where it says Support for AOL and others, it doesn’t really mean it supports AOL?

We have changed it so it should be correct now. We are very sorry for this misunderstanding.

AIM works in Thunderbird with additional chat protocols addon using xmpp. how it is eM cant?

It is possible that Thunderbird workarounds it - I will check it.…
"This add-on adds support in the Thunderbird Chat feature for the AIM, Bonjour, Gadu-Gadu, GroupWise, ICQ, MSN, MySpaceIM, Netsoul, SIMPLE, Sametime and Yahoo! instant messaging protocols.
This is done by leveraging the work done to integrate libpurple (the library behind Pidgin) into the back-end of Instantbird. All the code for this is freely available at… "

maybe that is a workaround, or just some nifty coding, In any event I tested good on those protocols, but Im tired of tbird because of its complexity with addons, slow, remains buggy, and has almost 300k footprint.

I have used or tried an plethora of email clients in the past couple years and I like eM very much. My organization is on Google Apps\Bus which doesn’t play nice with Outlook also I think Google’s webmail, specifically the inbox and conversation view is pure chaos.

If eM can add threaded/conversation view (including sent) and also “Message/View Grouping” like Outlook to email and add AIM and Yahoo chat, this would be awesome!

Hello…just wondering…I am new to EMclient…I cannot seem to activate any chat services the “services/transports” is greyed out.
Can you please advise?

Hello Marshall, this may be due to inability of setting up a transport with your chat service, not all chat accounts are able to discover and setup transports, what chat service are you using? AOL?