How do I set up to view the global address book from Google Apps?


I am very sorry but it is not possible at the moment.

when do anticipate supporting GAL?


this will be implemented in next version of eM Client scheduled to be released in few weeks.


My Directory still shows as empty.

Hi, what exactly is the issue, is your whole Contacts folder empty, or are just some folders missing?

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Hey Paul,
I’m having the same issue.
Addresses that I have interacted with directly (called ‘Other Contacts’ in Gmail) are being synchronized with eM Client, but the Global Address List (called ‘Directory’ in Gmail) is not being synchronized, as shown in the screenshot below.


Hi Derrick, can you please send me an email to

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I have the same issue. Is it a software bug?

Hi Stanislav, yes this was a bug that was recently fixed, here’s an update that should fix this (, let me know if it helped.

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Still the same issue. Directory show nothing :frowning:

same here

Is this still an issue you are seeing in EM Client? I am unable to get the Directory to sync but someone else is able to get the same directory to sync.

Hi, unfortunately GAL for Google Apps accounts, is not currently supported, this has been due to several API and support issues with Google’s tools, however we’re working on it and hopefully we’ll be able to include this feature into eM Client soon.

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I installed eM client  today, march 19 2015 - dont see the global address book from Exchange account, please update on how to set this up 

Hi, please try to update your eM Client to this release, and check if the issue persists, you should be able to synchronize your GAL as the Offline Address Book in eM Client which should be listed as a separate folder in eM Client.

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