How do I set up EM Client so it automatically downloads ALL the emails in every folder to my computer from the server.

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You need to setup your account as IMAP. That will sync everything that is on the server. For most email providers, using the Automatic Setup in eM Client will do this for you. For a few providers, you may need to do a manual setup to connect to IMAP.

Who is your email provider?

Thank you Gary, I saw that for the IMAP  but what about my folders on the exchange server

Many Exchange servers support IMAP, so you should get all your folders. But you can setup your account as Exchange also.

Go to Menu > Tools > Accounts, and add a new account by clicking on the + icon. Then select Mail > Exchange.

Thank you for helping Gary. I did that and i know that the file size of all the folders on the exchange server is 8gb and the EM folder on my local computer is only 4gb so i was assuming it was not downloading all the emails. I wondered if there was a limit.

There may be some difference in the size because of the different format, but it should not be that much. If you enable downloading of attachments and images for offline use, that should change the size of the eM Client database to be more in line with what is on the server.

Ahhh … It was not checked. Perhaps thats the difference. DO i need to check it for every folder

Unfortunately I think you do need to set each folder individually. With IMAP you can select the whole account in account settings, but that setting is not there for Exchange.

I have 40 folders at least. Will sit in front of the TV and do it. Thanks so much for your help.

Very impressed.

Maybe do one folder then compare it to the server, unless you really want to download all the attachments. Otherwise they will be downloaded when you click on them.

will do … definitely worth possibly adding as a feature.