How do I set the default email address when creating a new mail message?

The way I use em Client most of the time is that I sit in “all inboxes” and filter the new mail. If I respond to a message, the correct return address is used. However if I click on new to get a new mail message, it uses the email address used for the last mailbox as the from address. What I want is to be able to use the first mailbox email address as a from address. Is it possible to do this?

While you are in All Inboxes, it will use the default mail account for new messages. You can set which account is the default in Menu > Accounts. Select the account and click on Set as Default.

Otherwise, while you are in a folder for a specific account, it will use that folder’s account for new messages.

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Thank you. I completely missed the magic star setting. I expected that UI element to show up in the account settings form