How do I set my alias as default e-mail address

Hi, I recently discovered eM Client and I am very pleased with.
However I have the following problem, I’ll explain:

E.g. i am and my wife is
When people sent mail to both jane and “me” get the e-mail.
I have set up as an alias on my account, so I can sent mail with that alias. But I would like to have as the default e-mailaddress instead of my own.
Is this possible?

EM Client does not support using alias as default e-mail address at the moment. When you reply mail that being send to the alias address, eM would automatically reply with the alias. When you compose new e-mail, you may also select the alias from the e-mail pulldown menu. But as it now, you cannot make it your default.

I found a workarround for my problem!

I went to Tools -> Accounts and changed the e-mail to that of my alias.
I then clicked Aliases and added my own e-mail as an alias.

Now my alias is my default e-mail addres.
And emClient still chooses the “right” e-mail address when I do a reply.