How do I send "private" group emails?

I want to be able to send emails to groups but block recipients from seeing others in the recipient group for privacy reasons. Is this possible with the free version? If not, with the Pro version? Thanks

This is the function of BCC. It is the same with both Free and Pro licenses.

Start a new message and you will see an Add CC & BCC link at the right of the To field.

Click on that and then add the addresses to the BCC field.

Thanks for the reply! I am used to sending a message to a particular individual and Bccing it to others but it never occurred to me to send the entire distribution list through BCC!. Duh!. Thanks again, you solved my problem.

@Gary what is the preferred method in emclient to address the message if you want the recipients in bcc? I’ve seen some programs allow the to field to be [undisclosed recipients], others do not allow this and you have to send the list to yourself and bcc everyone else.

What’s the best thing to put in the to: field for a bcc group?

You do not need to put anything in the To field.

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