How do I send BCC email

Just downloaded eM Client yesterday and trying to wrap my tiny mind around it. In my last email program I could click on a tab labeled BCC and send an email to everyone on the group list without anyone seeing who the other recipients were. I don’t see a BCC tab in eM Client. Is there a way to do that in eM Client? Is it not available in the free version I am trying to learn? Thank you!

Take a look at SEND > Send as Mass Mail

When I try that it says it’s not available for Free license use. I was hoping to learn how this worked before pulling the trigger on purchasing the program. Since there is a 30 day trial I will buy it and see how it works. Thanks for your time!

Was not aware that that option was not part of free version. Good luck

When you write a message, there should be the option to “Add Cc & Bcc” at the end of the “To” field. If you click there, a field for “Cc” and “Bcc” should appear below the “To” field. Do you have this in the free version?


Thank you!! Much appreciated.