How do I see calendar event notes?

When I view my calendar through the google website, I can click on an event and view notes that are attached to that event. I am unable to view those notes in the eM client. Is there a setting that I can change to make those viewable?

I guess that notes is the description.

It is also called the description in eM Client.

But if you are referring to attachments, they are also called attachments in eM Client.

Is there a character limit? I had to go directly into Google Calendar yesterday to view agenda items because they weren’t viewable in the eM client app.

According to Google there is a limit of 8148 characters in the description. I tested it and I get 8246, but I guess there is a limit nonetheless.

Both eM Client and Thunderbird display the complete 8246 characters.

I’ll keep an eye on it for future use. Maybe I just had some bad luck with yesterday’s event. Thanks for the info.