How do I save everyone I've ever sent an email to to contacts?

I work for an estate agents and we regularly receive enquiries through property portal sites etc. I’d like to save all the people I have had contact with to my contacts. I’m pretty sure there isn’t any quick way of doing this but any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. 


You can go to Menu>Tools>Settings>Mail>Compose and next to the checkbox (make sure it’s checked) “Store composed mail recipients for suggestion” is a “Show recipients button”. Click the button, ten either select contacts one by one or press Ctrl+A and right click and select “Save to Contacts”.

This will save all the people you’ve had contact with to your contacts.

Hope this helps.


Fantastic, thank you very much! 

Another thing… How can I export all my contacts to a CSV file. I’m trying to import to Mailchimp and it doesn’t seem to support .vcf file that Em Client exports contacts to. 


If you want to save contacts in a CSV file, go to contacts and switch to custom view (not business cards as those can be saved only in VCF). In custom view, Ctrl+A to select all contacts and rightclick>export list.

Be aware however, that exporting to CSV will only export the columns you currently have configured in custom view. If you want more columns to be saved, right click on any column and select columns configuration - you can then select to add any extra columns with information you also want to be in the CSV file (for example birthdays are not shown by default, you can add them though.)



Thank you very much for your help David.