How do I restore my inbox and contacts from eM Client? I use Carbonite backup service.

My computer crashed and I replaced it with a new one.  I use Carbonite backup service, so my eM Client data (inbox, contacts, etc.) is stored.  How do I import it?  In eM Client, when I click on file / import, it lists many other providers (e.g., Microsoft Outlook, Windows Mail, Thunderbird, etc.) but I don’t see how I can import from eM Client.  I would appreciate your help! 

Do you have actual zip archive backups that you can import?

If not, do you have the entire emClient folder Carbonite backup that was located in the AppData folder on your crashed computer?

Hello Joe,
if you used eM Client’s backup function, you can restore from your backup using the File>Restore option.
If what you have is your database files, you can just move those to the new Database folder’s location (see your database location in Tools>Settings>General>Storage).
If you exported your messages and other data as separate files, you can either drag and drop these directly into eM Client or import each component separately (Import EML files,ics files, etc options).