How do I renew my free license?

My free license seems to have expired and I can’t find out how to renew it.
License says it expired 1/1/2014

Hi, free license should not expire, could you look into Help - License and make screenshot of it and post it here?


my FREE license has also expired…I am trying to get my free license …mine has expired?? I keep getting a failed …license already exists…I can receive but I cannot send…any help??

As already stated in other post, you used DEMO (trial) license, not a FREE one. The trial always expires in one month.

Ok so how do i get a free licence

Hi, for license options, please check our website, , where you can register the free license if you’re using the application for your personal use.

Note that using the product for commercial or business use requires you to obtain a valid PRO license.