How do I remove groupings in the inbox?

How do I remove the grouping from the inbox? I’ve searched the settings/option windows, the view menu, and everywhere else and just can’t seem to find how to turn this off.

to disable groups view of emails go to menu Tools->Settings->Appearance->Mail and uncheck Show messages in groups option (or right-click on columns names line and set it there alternatively).


Thanks that did it!

Thanks, that fixed my problem too!

This answer is fairly outdated by now. In EM Client 9 and onwards, this feature is called “conversations”. You can find it:
Menu → Settings → Mail → Read

And there you find a Conversations section, where you can either group them everywhere, only in the email detail view or disable this feature altogether.

You could also search by it by opening the Settings and enter “conversations” in the top-right search bar.

Don’t forget to apply your changes. The “Apply” button is located at the top of the settings window.

You can also find the options in Menu > View > Conversations. :wink: