How do I remove deleted emails from inbox with gmail account?

I am brand new to this program. I have two accounts setup. One is a comcast and one is a gmail.
When I delete comcast emails, they go to the trash folder. When I delete gmail emails, they go to trash, but also stay in the inbox

Why? How do I get them to move to trash? It’s so annoying. I cannot figure out the settings.

Thanks for any help.

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I have the same issue after upgradring to the most recent version of EMClient.
Did not use to have this problem with GMail accounts

There were some issues in recent versions with deleted messages not being synced with both Gmail and Exchange servers. I thought this had been fixed though.

I have a Gmail account and another IMAP account configured using EMC V8.0.3385 for Windows and any deleted emails from either inbox only shows in the Trash folder. I cannot replicate that problem. My Gmail IMAP configuration below. I would try removing and re-adding your Gmail account.

This does not seem to be related to a synch issue but rather that the “inbox” tag is not removed from the message when deleting it…

@Krissilc5 & @mikkel_westenholz If you delete emails from your Gmail Inbox (online) do they re-appear in your Gmail Inbox online ?

No, if I delete them online they are deleted.
It seems like Em Client will keep the Inbox tag set (at the same time as it sets the “trash” tag) when I delete something, but since the “Inbox” tag is not removed it will stay in the inbox…super frustrating not to be able to delete something without manually removing the “Inbox” tag

@mikkel_westenholz are you saying that eg: when you select a colored Tag in EM Client (at the top right of the email) in the Inbox and then delete it (without removing the tag) it comes back to the inbox ? See my inbox tag selection screenshot. Or are you referring to another inbox tag selection ?


No, I am saying when I delete an email, then the inbox tag stays on the email, so it also stays in the inbox

Sounds like some problem with the EM Client version installation / database or the Gmail account itself, as when i delete emails from my Gmail Inbox, they go to the Trash folder, and the Inbox Tag at the top right removes itself automatically within a sec or so from the deleted email in the trash and doesn’t re-appear in the Inbox. See example email below deleting a test email from my Gmail Inbox.
I would suggest to backup EM Client via the “Menu / Backup” and then uninstall the program and when it asks do you want to delete the Em Client database choose “No” . Then re-download the latest EM Client V8 or Windows or Mac from and reinstall the program. Failing that uninstall EMC and this time delete the database when asked and setup Gmail as new to test if its something to do with the prev EMC database. You can always then restore if needed.