How do I reinstall a language pack?

How do I reinstall a language pack? I installed Norsk (Norwegian), Bokmål and during the download something happened with my internet line and the installation faild. Now this language pack does not show up as an option to download, only Norsk, Nynorsk. And I don’t want that. Do I have to reinstall the eM client?

Hi Kjetil, not completely sure what you’re referring to, all language packs should be included in the application after initial installation, to switch the language of the application, please navigate to Tools > Settings > General > Language, and apply the language pack. Or do you mean dictionary?

Thank you,

Paul, ofcourse i mean the dictionary. The spell-check.

Hi again Kjetil, you should be able to remove the corrupt dictionary in your eM client installation folder (C:\Program Files\eM Client\Dictionaries), remove the dictionary and try to download it again.

Hope this helps,