How do I prevent all GMail flooding my eM inbox after installing eM?

My GMail account dates back at least 12 years and has as many as 10,000 emails, many with heavy attachments, stored. I do not want to lose any of them. I would like to install eM but I do not want the 10,000 stored emails to be deleted at GMail, or to flood my eM inbox when using the program for the first time. I would like to have only the last 20 emails or so in my eM inbox, or only start receiving the latest new email in my eM inbox after installation. How do I do this?

Hello Etienne,

If you have this Google account set as IMAP, eM Client only downloads the mail headers from the server (default IMAP behaviour). The rest of the email will be only downloaded if you open it or select “Download messages for offline use” in Menu > Tools > Accounts > IMAP. Therefore, the database won’t be flooded by old attachments. 

To see only new items in your Inbox, I would recommend creating subfolder/s in your Inbox so in the general Inbox folder you will only see the new emails and the rest will be stored in the subfolder/s.


Thanks very much. I’m sure my GMail account is set up as IMAP, but I can’t find my way in GMail settings to check if that is indeed the case. I see in GMail Help that I must begin by “signing into my GMail Admin Console as an Administrator”. What is my “GMail Admin Console” and where do I find it?

The quick way to check if it set up as IMAP is to go to (in eM Client) menu/tools/accounts, select the account and see if there is an IMAP tab, if yes, it is set up as IMAP.