how do i open pdf attachment with adobe,

how do i open pdf attachment with adobe, it is defaulting to microsoft office picture manager and i cant see how to change it. i am using em client version 6.0.19861.0 and adobe reader version 11. thanks

I don’t know which operating system you have, but under Windows 8.1 you can for example set a default program as follows:

  1. start Windows Explorer

  2. select a file you would like to open (in your case a PDF file)

  3. right click with your mouse button, so a popup menu will be shown

  4. select ‘choose default program…’

  5. you will now see a dialog in which you can select the default program to use when opening PDF files.

  6. make sure to mark a checkbox in front of a potential option to *always* use this program to open PDF files (I think this is the case for Windows 7)

Simple as that!
All sorted, thank you so much, all happy again.

marked as solved.