How do I open an ICS file from an URL

Hi, I would like to migrate from Outlook to eM Client but one feature seems to be eluding me.

My company publishes a calendar on our intranet via an ICS file. Currently I am able to open the URL in outlook and outlook regularly refreshes my calendar from the URL.

At the moment I only seem to be able to do a one off import of events in an ICS file into eM Client. Is there a way of replicating the behaviour of outlook where the ICS file is polled every hour or so and the calendar refreshed?

Thanks in advance


can you try downloading that ICS directly and then import/move it to eM Client’s calendar?

That should solve your issue.


Hi John,
Sorry, i don’t understand your instruction. I can import the calendar fine, it’s the updating/refreshing that doesn’t work.

Downloading the ICS directly means I only have the version *at that point in time*

What I’m looking for is a calendar that is refreshed from a source that is an ICS file at an URL (via a send and receive) which is regularly changed by other people.


This is weird, if you are able to import your event into calendar it should be updated on any synchronization check…

What service do you use for calendar synchronization?


Sorry for the late reply.

To be clear I will restate my requirement:

I have an arbitrary internal URL e.g. http://localintranet.local/calendar.ics that is generated by our middleware system.

I can currently download this ICS file and import it into emclient fine.

BUT I would like instead of downloading the file one time, give emclient the URL and it import the calendar AND SYNC it when any changes occur.

Outlook currently has this ability (arbitrary URL) using the webcal:// url link.

I dont believe I can do this in emclient and have raised a feature request.


Yes, unfortunately this is not possible at the moment. But we could consider it if people will up vote this feature in your created Idea request topic.


That is a really needed feature. It’s the same at our company. Without this feature, I can not use eM Client…