How do I not get two account contact lists merged?

I have two email accounts set up, home and work. If I highlight the Inbox for home, then click New, then start typing a contact in To, all the contacts from home and work are listed as candidates. How to I make only the home OR work contacts be used, not both?

Unfortunately you can’t.

Suggestions are offered from all contacts as well as the Recipients History.

What you can do is click on the word TO, and then select just a specific contact folder to display for that one time.

Thanks for the quick reply. Even that way is odd…

= While in the Home accounts inbox (first account), if I click ‘New’, then click ‘To:’, the ‘Select Contacts’ selection box you mention comes up. Though the ‘choose folder’ option says ‘All Contacts’ in the upper right, only people in the Home contacts are shown. Rather than actually choosing a folder, I can just double-click on names to add them. Nice.

= If I click the Work inbox though (2nd account added), then ‘New’, then ‘To:’, now the folder selection box offers the same Home contact list only. If it offered the Work list instead, it would make sense. The ‘filter contacts’ search box only shows Home people when I start typing.

= If I had started a Work email, and use the pull-down in Select Folder, and pick Work, nothing appears in the contact list. Apparently the main offering list in the center of that panel can only show people in account 1 or nothing.

The ‘Select Contacts’ popup panel definitely has something wrong in the list selection programming. Just like eM Client knows which From address to use for a New email, it should know which contact list to choose.

By the way, I love the app and am just trying to be constructive.

[Edit, for clarity… If I hit New, then click the actual To entry area and start typing, that’s the only time I see a full list of contacts from both accounts when I would prefer to see only one list.]