How do I make seperate folders to keep email addresses (Contacts)

I would like to create several different folders to store different types of email addresses that I save. For example, I would like one folder for family members, one folder for friends, and one folder for business associates. When I want to send an email to several people from one of my folders, I would like to be able to go to that folder and select whom to send an email to. Is there a way to do this?

Hello Brent,

To create new Contact folder, please go to the Contact section of eM Client, right click on the account that you’d like to create the folder for and select New Contact Folder.
When you’re composing an e-mail and would like to only send it to a specific group, click on the ‘To’ text, which will open a ‘Select Contact’ window.

Select relevant folder in the upper right corner. Afterwards select all contacts and press ‘To:’. When you press OK, all of the contacts will be used as Recipients.


I’m only able to create a new contact folder with local folders in the contact section. I’m unable to do it with my Hotmail/Gmail accounts
When I try to create a new contact folder and give it a name, it gives an error message as the following.

Creating folder failed with error. Specified method is not supported.

Hello Brent,

You’re right, for Gmail account, it is necessary to create the folder through webmail ( It should however work fine for hotmail accounts? How is your hotmail account set up? Could you please try again?

Thank you,

Does the same for both Hotmail and Gmail.