How do I make my email POP3

I am in the process of changing my email address. My current one is POP3 and I would like my new one to be POP3. How do I do this?

It really depends on who is hosting the new address, if it can be setup as POP3. For example, Microsoft and Google hosted accounts can’t be setup as POP3 in eM Client.

But for those that do, you will need to setup the account manually, choosing POP3 when prompted. You will find full instructions on manually setting up the account in the Documentation (F1) under Getting Started.

Thanks Gary

the new email address is gmail. So I’m assuming that means I can’t have POP3. Are you able to tell me how I can keep an email on my computer when it has been removed from the server. Can I put it in the local folder of emclient?

No, unfortunately you can’t use POP3 with Gmail accounts in eM Client.

Instead the account is setup automatically to use IMAP. IMAP stores the messages on the server, so something like webmail; any device you access the account on will see the same data.

But if you want to remove them from the server, yes, you can move them to Local Folders.

Thanks for your help Gary