How do I make emClient the e-mail default of Internet Explorer?

Apparently, one has to invesst some work for properly integrating emclient as default mailing client of IE 11. How can I do that?

Hi Jerry,

You can set it in Windows > Control Panel > Default apps > Set defaults by app > Choose eM Client for all files that are available as a default app.


Hi Russel,

thank you for your reply. But your suggestion does not work. I want to send an e-mail from a website that seems to call the “standard mail client”. I get a multitude of error messages “the standard mail client is not properly installed” and a continuing sequence of new IE windows that can only be stopped by re-booting the computer. 
I have no influence on the website that calls the “standard mail client”. The correct mailing address is somehow hidden within the call to the “standard mail client” which makes it impossible to send an ordinary e-mail by the EmClient UI.

Please suggest what I should do.



Hi Jerry,
look at this:

Hi Knobloch,

I very much appreciate your directing me to the above link. I tried everything in the order inside this post with the following results:

  • Making EmClient the Default for all files -> didn’t work, see above .

  • Activating .NET Frame in Windows -> didn’t work

  • Configuring emClient as Default Mailing app for Windows -> didn’t work

  • Configuring emClient as Default Mailing app for “Personalized Defaults” ->  WORKED

Many thanks for your help!


Reset IE11 to its default settings and reinstall EM-Client.
Which version of Windows do you use?

Hi Knobloch, it is working already! No need to do anything further. Thank you so much.

BTW: It is Windows 7 and IE 11.