How do I import Outlook Express email accounts into eM Client?

I have 20 email accounts, so it would be great if there were an easy way to import my accounts from OE to eM Client.

you can Import all you accounts in a few clicks. Go to File -> Import -> Import from Microsoft Outlook -> Import whole account(s) and then follow the instructions on the screen.

George Wilson
eM Client

and I assume import works like this for Outlook Express too

an oops . . . as I’ve now looked at EM site more thoroughly and the answer was there all the time!

That doesn’t work, George. eM Client looks for Outlook, not Outlook Express. The error message is as follows:

Either there is no default mail client, or the current mail client cannot fill the messaging request. Please run Microsoft Office Outlook and set it as the default mail client.

I do not use Outlook, nor do I have it installed.

There is no choice in eM Client for choosing to import whole accounts from Outlook Express, although there certainly should be, don’t you think?

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Yes, I saw that, but if you hit the ‘next’ button, you’ll see that There is no choice for choosing to import whole accounts from Outlook Express.

I ‘too’ have been examining this issue for hours - about how to handle my OExpress archived material in view of my imminent upgrade (aka pain) to Windows 7. Finally I found some help from MSoft , search “transfer messages from outlook express into windows (live)mail” which seems to be clear about what you need to do to get everything across. So that’s what I’m gonna try to avoid keeping mail in the cloud for the forseeable future.

I’m using XP Pro and can’t do this, but since you have upgraded to Windows 7, you may want to consider modifying Windows Mail (not Windows Live Mail) to work with Windows 7. That will keep you out of the cloud.Using Windows Mail (for Vista) on Windows 7

If the link fails, just search for “How to Reinstate Windows Mail in Windows 7”

In the meantime, I’ll wait for a solution to my question of how to import Outlook Express email accounts into eM Client.

Any luck, George?
thanks for your help!

I apologize for this misunderstanding. You are right, eM Client cannot import whole accounts from Outlook express. I am sorry but we do not plan to implement this feature - you will have to migrate your data manually using export -> import.

George Wilson

I’m sorry to hear that, George. Soon Microsoft will end their support of XPsp3, and millions will be forced to upgrade to Vista or Windows 7. Many of those people are Outlook Express users, and, like me, will be looking for an email client to replace OE. If eM Client can’t import whole OE email accounts, it will be just one more reason to look elsewhere for their desktop email handler.

If eM Client can’t help, here is a link from Microsoft answers - I can understand it and will post here again if the answer actually works! I’m taking the view that companies come and go but Microsoft should be around until we’re all in the cloud :slight_smile:…

Thank you for your time, Martigra!

Windows Live Mail imports all accounts, settings, folders and address book from Outlook Express with no problem. I did that weeks ago–I just don’t like WLM, and have no desire to be in their “cloud” (one of the most over-used terms in modern computing).

I don’t like any email client that forces me to use a separate inbox, outbox, sent, etc., for every account. Outlook Express has been the only email client I’ve found that has such a simple, easy, UNIFIED interface. Thunderbird’s “unified” folder view is close, but not truly unified.

Hi JS - this has been a useful ‘conversation’.
I wholly agree about the simplicity of OE and was even happier only a few months ago to discover the value of Search facility having been into personal computing for 15 years! In our house we have only one email account (for the Administrator) so our issues are fewer! What process did use use to effect the importation as I believe easy transfer is not an option? It is the copy/paste vs export/import terms that I’m trying to get clear in my mind. Best.

In my case, I was upgrading my email client from Outlook Express to Windows Live Mail on a Windows XP PC. That is easy, because Windows Live Mail can import everything from OE automatically. It’s academic at this point because I didn’t like WLM at all, so I un-installed it.

In your case, since you are upgrading to Windows 7 which has no email client, you’ll want to (after you upgrade to Windows 7), download and install Windows Live Essentials (Mail)
[ll" rel=“nofollow”>…](<a href=) like WLM just fine though, since you have only one email account.

I’ve recently discovered EssentialsPIM - good testimonials too

Thanks, Martigra, but EssentialPIM has “Global Folders”, “Local Folders” and separate In, Out, etc., boxes for every email account. That is far too much work to keep track of my 20 business email accounts. I blame Outlook for starting that nonsense, and now it seems, all email clients are following suit. Why doesn’t eM Client give us a choice to have truly unified In, Out, etc. boxes like Outlook Express?

Wish I could help more! Best

Hi JS - just when you thought it was safe . . . lol!
If/when you plan to start with Windows 7, using M/soft PRO software you can get from Microsoft an XP emulator that will enable you to use OExpress. Link below to an excellent article about ‘mail’ and my message above is based on a post by briankay on page 2 (about half way down the scroll bar!). Let me know if I can be relieved of further offers of help. Regards Graham…

Cheers, Graham!
I considered that option when I read about it a few weeks ago, but didn’t follow up on it. Now that you’ve mentioned it again, I will certainly look into it.

I suppose my other option is to upgrade to Vista, and use Windows Mail–which I’m told–is similar to Outlook Express.