How do I import my Outlook calender. There is an option but it doesn't import?

Importing Outlook Calendar?

The process is quite simple. Outlook needs to be closed to do this.

  1. Menu > File > Import. Select Outlook and Next

  2. Import Selected Folders

  3. Choose Calendar

  4. Choose destination folder. Depending on what you choose here will determine where the calendar events end up.

If you could give some indication of where in this process it is failing, that would be more help in solving the problem.

Tried it three times now, it completed but I still don’t see the calendar?

Are you importing into a local or online calendar folder? If it is online, does the folder already exist, and do you have write permissions to that calendar?

Maybe as a test you could create a new local calendar folder, then import as above and select the new folder as the destination.

Another option is to export your calendar from Outlook as an ics file, and then import that into eM Client.