How do I import a list of holidays for my country?

I want to import a calendar year of Holidays for Canada into Calendar.  How can I do this?

Hi Paul,
right-click any of your existing calendar folders and choose the “Import holidays” option and then find the holidays for your desired country.
If you have your own holiday calendar file that you’d prefer to use, you can import it using the File>Import>Import events from iCalendar (ics)


Thank you very much.  Worked like a charm.


Tried the “import holidays” instructions; pick list came up; selected canada; saved; exited; checked off “canada” and “local folders”; re-loaded emclient; checked for holidays; nothing there ???

Make sure you’re not in offline mode when trying to import.

Gregg’s comment is quite old and refers to version 6. Version 7 does not give you the option of local folders or other location to save them. But in both 6 and 7, the import dialogue will not progress if you are offline as Ron said.

If the holidays are not showing in your calendar view, you need to tick the (blue) box next to the holiday calendar.