How do I have mail from my gmail account copy into Local Folders...and then have the mail end up in specific folder within Local Folder?

Recently switched to eM Client. Seems great! I was using Thunderbird and have imported successfully. In TB, I had mail coming into Local Folders/Inbox…and then based on Rules, move into particular folders. I would like to do the same with eM Client. I have connected my gmail account so I am receiving emails. Nothing in Local Folders though so no rules for moving emails are working. Looking for help! Thanks!

Rules work on both Local and IMAP folders, so not sure why they are not working. Are you receiving emails into your IMAP Inbox?

The Automatic Setup of Gmail in eM Client uses the IMAP protocol which means your email is not stored in Local Folders. If that is what you want, you need to setup your account as POP3.

When creating a new account, choose Mail > Other

After entering your email address, choose POP3 and enter your server details for incoming and outgoing servers.

On the very last screen of the wizard, choose to save messages in Local Folders.

Or if you choose separate folder tree for messages, the wizard will create a separate local folder tree for each account. These are also local folders.