How do I group emails in my inbox?

How do I group emails in my inbox by today, yesterday, older etc? At the moment they are in one long list headed unsorted. The “Show in groups” box is ticked. They used to be grouped but this facility seems to have been disabled. Thank you.

Be sure the “Sorted by…” option at the top of the email list is set to “Received”.

Thanks for replying so quickly. My apologies but I can’t see anything that says “Sorted by”. Where is this please?

Thank you, but my screen doesn’t look like this. I don’t have the sidebar to the left where your arrow is pointing. Any ideas please? 

If you are using the configuration with the email list at the top and the message detail at the bottom, simply click on “Received” at the top of the Received column to have it sort by that parameter. If there is no “Received” column, right click anywhere on the column header line and go to “Columns Configuration” and add it and rearrange the order of the columns to your liking.

Hope this helps.

Thank you. I left clicked on the Received column and the emails have now been sorted into groups. Previously I’d been right clicking on Received and not getting the result I wanted. I hope this helps someone else.

Mine is the opposite: how to I get rid of the groups?? I want it in one chronological list without it saying ‘today’ ‘yesterday’ ‘monday’ ‘last week’ etc.

Any help??

Don’t worry, found it:
Menu/tools/settings/mail/read in Message List section, un-check “Show messages in groups”