How do I get rid of the extra folders? (Sent, Drafts, Trash)

I just setup eM with a standard IMAP account (my own domain and email server for 20 years) and it correctly has all my mail under Inbox/Sent, Inbox/Drafts, etc. Yet eM is also showing duplicate Sent, Drafts, and Trash folders under my account on the left navigation (i.e. not within the Inbox tree). How do I get rid of them? It seems like eM is trying to put mail into these folders by default instead of my server folders (e.g. if I send a mail using eM, then check my Sent mail folder later on my iPhone, the message isn’t there).

The apparent solution is to go to Account, IMAP tab, then Special Folders. But there’s NOTHING under Special Folders except blank grey space. I tried setting up my account both manually and automatically. Doesn’t matter, I have no options under Special Folders.

I’ve used many different email clients over the years and never had such an issue.

How do I fix this?

The problem is not totally solved, but I did figure out that some of these folders were existing on my mail server. I delete them and then they disappear in eM… but only temporarily.

Now in eM when I delete a message, it doesn’t go to Inbox/Trash. Instead eM creates a new Trash folder and puts the message there. If I send a message, eM creates a new Sent folder and puts the message there instead of in Inbox/Sent. Now when I log back onto my mail server, I see these new folders outside of the Inbox hierarchy.

What is going on? No other email client I have ever used does this. Why won’t eM respect the standard IMAP folders for Sent, Drafts, and Trash?

Additionally, here’s what I see in the log:

12:19:40 [email] IMAP Uploading folder ‘/Sent’
12:19:40 [email] IMAP Uploading item(s) to folder ‘/Sent’

The question remains, how do I fix this if I can’t access the Special Folders option?

Have you tried right-click on the offending folders, checking the properties and maybe clicking “Repair”?

Other than that, I suspect if you are using your own email server with a private domain you are unlikely to find much support here.

Yes, it doesn’t help. The problem is that I can’t see the Special Folders options, thus I can’t tell eM to use the Inbox/Sent, Inbox/Drafts, and Inbox/Trash which already exist (this is IMAP standard).

Seriously? They expect all customers to be using what, Gmail?

What I mean’t was here - on the forum. It’s supported by the community not the developers. Most community users DO use Gmail, Outlook etc.

If you want developer support you need a Pro-licence and then raise a Ticket or maybe give this a shot:

Do you have a screen-scrape of your IMAP setup?
Do you have any Rules active?

Here’s a screenshot of the IMAP tab, showing how I don’t have any Special Folders options:

I haven’t set up any rules or really changed anything at all besides the Theme. Otherwise I just set up a standard IMAP account and immediately noticed that it created a duplicate Sent folder when I emailed a friend. Upon further investigation, e.g. when I deleted a message, I noticed it was creating a new Trash folder and so forth.

I really want to buy the app but not before I’m certain that it will work flawlessly with a standard IMAP setup. Do they have a money back guarantee? If so I guess I could buy it, then send in an official request for tech support and see if they can solve it.

Your IMAP scrape looks nothing like my setup.
Can you include the whole page and redact any personal stuff.
Also, what version of eM client did you install and what OS are you using?
Do you have any ERRORS logged : menu/operations/errors?


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Here’s the full account settings screen for my IMAP:

I’m on Windows 10 and eM 8.0.3385 (all latest updates)

It’s a BUG! I finally figured it out. I had to change Windows to 100% display scaling, even though 150% is what it shows as “Recommended” (100% is too tiny since I’m on a 27" 4K display). When I did that, I could see the Special Folders options in eM. Once I changed them to the appropriate values (e.g. INBOX.Sent) everything worked properly.

I hope the eM team can fix this!

I’m pleased - for bugs although the scaling for my display shows 100% Recommended.

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