How do I get recipient to see/reply to a different sender email address from the one I'm sending from?

My account is set to send through my ISP’s email address ( but when clients reply (or hover mouse over my sender name) I want them to reply to/see my personal email address  ( 

I already have forwarding set up from to so that is sorted. 
I could do it easy through Windows Live Mail but how do I do this with EM Client ?

It’s a marketing issue - it looks much more professional.

eM Client does not have the option to specify a different reply to address as in some other email clients.

The best option is to setup and use the email account in eM Client, and cancel the forwarding from that account to

Aliases are also an option, but usually don’t work where the domains are different.

You can also specify a different email address in your account settings under User Information. Some email providers do not allow relaying, so it may not work.