how do I get my e-mails

Hello Stevan, can you please specify your question, if you’re having issues with the application, please include a version number of your eM Client, screenshot of the issue or more information about your mail service/account setup.


Hello Paul…Yesterday I signed up for eM email service and did everything I was to do in that regard.  I even got to see my inbox of emails.  Then I closed out the screen and tried to retrieve my emails through eM and found no way to do that.  Every time I went to all I got was the page to download the service again.  After hours of searching the internet, I found a sign in page and clicked on the sign in help link only to discover that I was supposed to have received a welcome e-mail with instructions on how to sign in and with a first time password, etc.  I received no such welcome email and now have no idea how to access my emails at eM.  As far as your request for version number, screenshot, etc., I have no idea how to supply that as I cannot even get to eM as I mentioned.  Thanks

Hello Steven, note that eM Client is an application installed on your computer (if you’ve installed it), you can’t access your email online via eM Client as this is not an online service nor an email server.

If you’re having setup issues, make sure to refer to our FAQ available at


You do not seem to understand!  I saw my emails after I signed up but now have no way to retrieve them.  Everything I have read in the FAQ talks about e-mails and how people like the service or issues they are having.   However, your FAQs do not answer my question.  HOW DO I GET MY EMAILS?  Why will no one tell me how to log in on the log in page?

Hello Steven, eM Client is not an online hosting service, we do not have your emails that you could sign in to online, read about our application’s features here or Download the application and setup your account using your email address and password using our app.

Again there’s no place to login to view your emails on our website, we’re not a mail service provider.

Hope you understand,