How do I get incoming mail to go to Local folder?

I just downloaded and installed eM Client. I am replacing Thunderbird with it. So far, I like what I see. However, I have a question. In the left pane, it has “Global Folders”, one with my name on it and “Local Folder”. The local folder has the individual folders I set up in TB for incoming mail. The problem is, all incoming mail goes to the “Global Folder”. How do I get it to go to the Local Folder instead? Once I get that to happen, I can set up the rules for each subfolder. Thanks.

I’ve recently just Installed eM myself, there is a bit of a learning curve.
Your Global Folders are going to show everything you have for mail in your Inbox(s) or unread in your new accounts or local folders, so after you setup your account(s) such as Gmail, yahoo, POP3, etc… it will show everything as a lump sum, even mails you have in your local folders ( I imported my windows live mail which I put into my local folders with itemized folders that all show up as unread.)
Once you receive your mail or go to a mail you have imported you can set rules by right clicking on the “from” field to send future mails to whatever folder you like (Gmail “Inbox”, local folders “business”, “Junk E-mail” and so on.

When I installed eM, I imported the local folders and all of its sub folders, so they DO show under the Global folders seperately. When they imported during installation, all of the emails in the folders imported also. The problem is that NO new emails go to the Local folders. It always goes to the Global folder. Maybe it will also go to the Global folder, but what I want it to do is go to the Local folder, and to the sub folders, like it does in TB. Right now, it is as if the Local Folder along with its sub folders, don’t exist.

It will always show up in the global folder (either in the “inbox” or “Unread” or both, but if you set your rule to have it sent to a local folder that is where it will be sent instead of your providers inbox. You need to set a rule for each contact that sends you mail and tell the rule where to place the new mail in order to have it directed to your local folders.

*edit I replace the word filter with rule, sorry if I misled you.

I guess a person has to be smarter than the program they are trying to use. I can’t get this thing to work. Heck, I can’t even get emails to go to the Local Folders, let alone follow any “rules” I set up. The *ONLY* place mail will go is to the Global Folder. Needless to say, I am somewhat disillusioned with this program.

This is assuming you already have account(s) set up to receive your new mails.

Find a existing email either from your "Inbox or “Local Folders” you would like placed into your local folder the next time you receive new mail from that sender.

Now when you receive new mails they will be placed into the folder you choose.

Thanks. But the thing is, I have already done all that. Nothing will go to the Local folders, at all, not even to the inbox. It only goes to the Global Folder inbox.

What i am going to try is deleting the Local Folders completely and re-do them from the ground up.

I see, perhaps the folders you imported have been corrupted some how during import. Maybe rather than deleting the whole “local folders” you could try to make a new folder to send to (like I have “Ads”, A new folder could be made “Ads(2)”) set the rule to go to new folder to see if that works. If so you could just move existing mails to new folder afterwords, delete the old folder, then rename new folder to old folders name… idk… maybe alot of work.

Sorry for the long post above, I thought you were having a problem trying to setup “Rules”.


When you say “It only goes to the Global Folder inbox”, you also see it in your providers inbox also, right?