How do I get gmail and hotmail calenders to show up?

Currently, only my gmail calender shows up. How do I get hotmail to show up also? I do have gmail and hotmail accounts, and both work fine, but only my gmail calender shows.

Hotmail calendar is not supported yet. We plan to fully support it in the next major version (6).

Thank you, how long before sync with hotmail happens?

I am not sure what you are talking about - can you please explain it in more detail? Thank you.

Hi, I have a hotmail account that I can access online, I have and andriod phone that can access & sync contacts, emails & calender, I do not have an email program that does the same, windows live does not sync all contacts and the calender is not always correct. I used to use thunderbird but that does not sync with Hotmail either.
So when is the next update due or do I start looking around again?.

The next major version will be released in 2 months.

Are there any news in this topic? Two months are passed, is the new version 6 available yet? thank you


Yes, 6th version will be released in mid to late autumn, probably in late October.

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