How do I get a desktop icon for my eM?


Hi Alan,

  1. open File Explorer

  2. go to C:\Program files (x86)\eM Client

  3. click on ‘MailClient.exe’ with the right (not left) mouse button and drag-and-drop the icon to your desktop.

  4. release the mouse button

  5. you should see a popup menu with 4 items

  6. select ‘create shortcuts here’

Thanks that worked great.

Exactly like that.

NOW That is LAME!!! I cannot think of an APP that would require this procedure!

I really wanted to use this product… But now I am suspicious. Why would this process be required?

It’s not such a complicated process. Is a desktop shortcut necessary for using eM Client when the launcher can be added to the Task bar, the Start or even the desktop manually? We’ll consider improving/including the option to automatically add the shortcut to desktop in future releases.


Clever. Complicated or not. I’ve just uninstalled your product. You see I need a icon to launch the app.

Im forced to select another product that permits users to launch the app.

I understand it’s a very important feature in comparison to all the other features eM client supports, thank you for your feedback and good luck, let us know if you come across any other questions or issues about the application, we’ll be happy to help.


No. no no. I do not think you understand. I could not find the executable. Therefore, I was unable to launch the app. BTW I’m using Windows 8.1. I really only need to understand how do I launch the app? If I cannot find the app, how am I to add to a task bar, tool bar, desktop etc. File manager / explorer / whatever MS calls the directory these days, does not show the app. So, Im left searching for the app. eM does not show up, only on control panel to uninstall.

So, as an employee you must use eM. How do you launch the eM?

As I suggested, the executable is in the installation folder under Program Files/eM Client or Program Files (x86)/eM Client. You can find MailClient.exe there to create the shortcut for launch. After installation the application should be included in the Start menu as one of the available (installed) applications. After launching you can pin the program to start by right clicking it in the task bar and selecting “Pin to task bar”.

Hope this helps,

P.S. Executable shortcut can be created by right clicking the MailClient.exe in the program files and selecting to create a shortcut.

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