how do i fix the width of the mail list

I would like to have em client open how i prefer it set up (like this, first pic) with the mail list column showing all my columns but each time i load it it returns back to the pic below ? The center column always shrinks back to the narrower “look” and i have to manually stretch it every time.

How do i FIX the center columns width?


Hi, what version of eM client are you currently using? I tried to replicate the issue but the column’s size is kept after application restart.

Thank you,

Ironically its held its position when i started it this afternoon and has continued to do so . Its the current version 6.0206… i downloaded it within this month.

I shall keep an eye on it , thx.

Hi Jack, thank you keep me posted if this or any other issues or questions come up. We’ll be happy to help.